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Arundel High School junior Christian Hodges just doesn’t want to learn about world events, he wants to study it in real time.

via Student leaders want social media back in school – CapitalGazette.com: Schools.

I’m all in favor common sense rules that help students experience the bredth and creativity that is our world.  That being said, some restrictions should be recognized.  We work with the entire community to establish good rules regarding social media use and have found it to be helpful for the students.  There are ways that it can distract, but generally we’ve had successes in the past.


Why Google+ Is an Education Game Changer – Education – GOOD.

I normally think that we overuse the term ‘game changer’ but having a Google+ account myself, I see the potential that Ms. Dwyer is talking about.  Google+ doesn’t completely eliminate inadvertent sharing of drunken party pictures with students, but it seriously makes it much more challenging.  I guess if you’re posting the pictures and sharing them while intoxicated, anything can happen.  At any rate, G+ could become a place where teachers and students share information about projects that the class is working on, collaboratively digest articles that are found on-line, and post videos to one another.  The idea of the hangout study group/office hours is also fascinating.  It’ll be something that I’ll be interested to see/read more about in the future.  -Ed