I had the major honor of visiting the future, sort of.  I was asked by the director of the Center for Experiential Learning, Leadership and Technology (www.cellt.org), Thom McCain, to teach a quick lesson in the Classroom of the Future at the eTech Ohio 2010 conference in Columbus, Ohio.  The major idea for the presentation was, given laptops, school policies that embrace web 2.0 concepts, and creative teaching, what would the classroom of tomorrow look like?  My lesson, which was VERY quick, sought to utilize student collaboration, quick data integration into Microsoft office products for display, and other student reporting technologies to explore the thicknesses of the crusts of the Earth.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to teach in this classroom, but a number of technical details bogged down my lesson.  So I guess on that note, the classroom of the future is a lot like the classroom of today.  The main object of our presentation, how do school policies encourage or inhibit students’ learning, is of vital importance.  I plan to blog on this particular question in the very near future, but suffice it to say, we need policies that encourage the use of these technologies more, not less.