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Clicking on this link will lead you to a Google map of my sampling sites in central Ohio.  My study examined the effectiveness of removal efforts by community groups of Lonicera maackii (Amur honeysuckle).



I PASSED!! Somehow, miraculously, I passed my Masters of Science examination. It was perhaps the most bewildering and mind boggling two hours of my life but the committee only took 15 minutes to arrive at a decision.

The process of earning a Masters in Science degree has been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life! The amount of hours spent on the thesis alone was beyond my initial comprehension. I should not be surprised, however.

I think back on the many hours that I have spent reading scholarly journal articles, time in labs, and time in the field. I have learned from some of the best and brightest individuals in the world and have sat next to some brilliant people who are changing the world around them in amazing ways. I am humbled to have attained such a prestigious honor and know that now more is expected of me.

I am excited to finish my final edits on my thesis, turn my attention to building the community garden and finishing my teaching year off strongly. I cannot wait to have some recoup time, a chance to volunteer some time to a good cause during the summer, and hopefully be working on growing vegetables in a garden behind our first home!! Plus, it’ll be great to spend more time with my beautiful and very patient wife! 🙂

I am about ~20 hours away from completing my thesis and look forward to being completely done. Just in time for spending the holidays with family and friends. Life is good!

Thesis almost done!!

Earlier this week I submitted a draft of my thesis for my advisory committee to review. I defend my thesis next Friday at 10am at OSU. I spent hours and hours working on this document. It’s really hard to say exactly how much time, but for a couple of days I was only getting three to four hours of sleep!! I know I was a little cranky and hard to deal with so I have been apologizing profusely to my wife, students, colleagues, and friends! I can’t really say who my friends are right now because I have been too busy to talk to anyone.

Anyways, I am near the end of the road and am excited to see and feel what life is like without being a full time student. (I have been taking at least one class for the past ten years!). I think it’s time to buy a house, mow the lawn, clean the gutters, and chase the squirrels away. That and I really want to garden. I haven’t had a chance to explore this passion for over a year now.

Anyways, I’m nervous about my defense because I do not know what it entails and I don’t know where to look. I am preparing by reviewing my old course notes, reading through the papers cited in my thesis, and reading my thesis over a few more times. Hopefully, this will be enough prep and I’ll be ready. I think that they’ll laugh me out of the room, but Lindsay says they don’t do that to people anymore. I guess we’ll see this time eight days from now!