Earlier this week I submitted a draft of my thesis for my advisory committee to review. I defend my thesis next Friday at 10am at OSU. I spent hours and hours working on this document. It’s really hard to say exactly how much time, but for a couple of days I was only getting three to four hours of sleep!! I know I was a little cranky and hard to deal with so I have been apologizing profusely to my wife, students, colleagues, and friends! I can’t really say who my friends are right now because I have been too busy to talk to anyone.

Anyways, I am near the end of the road and am excited to see and feel what life is like without being a full time student. (I have been taking at least one class for the past ten years!). I think it’s time to buy a house, mow the lawn, clean the gutters, and chase the squirrels away. That and I really want to garden. I haven’t had a chance to explore this passion for over a year now.

Anyways, I’m nervous about my defense because I do not know what it entails and I don’t know where to look. I am preparing by reviewing my old course notes, reading through the papers cited in my thesis, and reading my thesis over a few more times. Hopefully, this will be enough prep and I’ll be ready. I think that they’ll laugh me out of the room, but Lindsay says they don’t do that to people anymore. I guess we’ll see this time eight days from now!