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Farmer in Chief?

Michael Pollan always speaks with truth and conviction.  Always an activist for local food, here is an open letter he has written to the next president regarding food policies.  Check out the link to this article (below).


Let me know what you think.




This is my first attempt at a webpage.  With the help of our tech guy, Mike, we were able to get weather data from the school to the school’s garden website.  This site will definitely improve over time.


Also, our garden is registered on the American Community Gardening Association website:


For the website, I am working with a few students on the design (hopefully using WordPress as the design mechanism) of the webpage.  Ideally, I would like the website to be primarily student designed full of pictures, video, reflections, data, and truly reflect the community of learners who are seeking to build the garden for our larger neighborhood community.

Candidates Food Position

Near and dear to my heart (and stomach) is food and the environment.  Michael Pollan is an amazing thinker on these two topics and having heard him speak a couple of times as well as having read two of his books, I highly regard his opinion.  

Below is a link to an article about his stance.  


Happy reading!