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Continuing the Debate on Early College High Schools.

This is a fantastic article on the importance of early college high schools.  TCS is an early college high school and we pride ourselves on the opportunities that being a ECHS provides for our students and families.  Certainly there are things that we do well and room for improvement.  This article contains a few ideas that I had never considered (e.g., summer school as a support mechanism, branching into middle schools to support student learning and growth, etc.).  I guess I should clarify, these ideas I have considered, just not all of the data behind them and the potential impact that they might have.  At any rate, if you are unfamiliar with ECHS, this article is a pretty good place to start your thinking and learning.


Great MCNC Conference!!

Happy to be home (missing the nice weather though) from the Middle College National Consortium (www.MCNC.us) Winter Principal’s Conference in beautiful Newport Beach, California. We had a great time with fellow early and middle college colleagues from around the nation. There was a lot of networking, support, and excitement building for helping students attain their college dreams while in high school. Cannot wait to catch up with everyone and share successes at the New York conference!