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IBM center result of special team

This is a great example as to how like-minded, creative people can come together to impact change in their community.  All of Columbus will benefit because of this group.  Thanks guys!!



Could state-law fixes help city’s schools?

There is a lot of change going on in the Columbus City School District.  The Superintendent, Dr. Gene Harris, has announced her retirement for this coming summer.  CCS is also dealing with a data scrubbing scandal.  The Mayor has stepped in to provide leadership to the school board and that will lead us down some interesting paths.  My hope for CCS is that they are able to stabilize that district.  The CCS students deserve a high quality education.


More kids passing grad test on 1st try | The Columbus Dispatch.

Here is some good news, I guess; more students passed all 5 sections of the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) this year than in past years.  This article by Jennifer Smith Richards, is worth a look through.

Statewide, 69.5 percent of

10th-graders passed all

five sections, up from

65.8 percent last year.

Are kids getting better at these tests, are the tests getting easier, are we doing a better job of educating students, or none of the above.  I was pretty disappointed that the Dispatch didn’t ask these questions but just reported on the results.  Our students were a bit below the average number of 69.5%, but overall they did very well.  I never look to the tests as high bars of success.  In fact, it is a lower bar of success compared to students achieving good grades in college courses.  Don’t get me wrong, I am ALWAYS excited when  students pass the tests.  I want them to be able to get through these, but they are not an indication of life-readiness or college-readiness.  We need to be cautious about what conclusions we draw when it comes to these tests and students success on them (again, not taking away a congratulatory pat on the back for the kiddos).  -Ed