Do State Legislators Need a College Degree? – Education – GOOD.

I have earned a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree.  I have little to no ambition for public office, but should public office holders hold similar if not more advanced degrees than me?  Or put more simply, should it be a requirement that elected public officials should have a college degree?  This is the primary question in this ‘Good’ article.  There are many interesting points raised in this article and I think, perhaps, most telling is that the percentages of state legislators without advanced degrees is quite low (or at least they are attaining advanced degrees at a rate that is much higher than the general population).  But there is something to this idea that public officials ought to have pursued their education further than just a high school diploma.  In order to understand the complex bills, not just the 30-second media sound bites that we get on the evening news (or on-line where I get the majority of my information), our elected officials should have an innate curiosity and a drive to do well in academic skill areas.  This isn’t to say that everyone with a college degree gets this (I went to enough college parties to know better), but there is a better shot of having some of these skills if one has pursued their education beyond the state minimum.  -Ed