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For those of us (me) who are not terribly creative, Toonlet.com can help.  This free comic-generation website helps you create unique characters and base-4 panel comic strips.  The educational applications are many and varied.  I did this comic to introduce myself

Applications are many and varied.  I know that our English department has experimented with using storyboards, cartoons, and comic strips to develop graphic novels, explain story lines, lay out plots, or to complete a scene from a story that they are reading.  As a science teacher, I can see applications here as well.  Imagine a student creating a little comic strip demonstrating the charge on an atom.  There is a strip just like this that is famous with science teachers.

I have included this as a little joke at the bottom of tests and I gotta tell you, the humor is lost on high school students.  It makes me wonder, what might be more ‘fun’, ‘interesting’, or educational (gasp) for students?  That’s why I think Toonlet might be powerful.  Students can use this fun and easy-to-use technology to design their own comic strips.  As a art-inept person, I also appreciate how it basically does the art work for you.  I designed the character of myself, but most of the work was done for me.  I merely had to select from a number of images (almost too many choices), write the words that went into each panel, and decide on layout.  That’s easy enough!  Since the bar for successful use is so low, the technology does not threaten to get in the way of, ya know, learning.  This is the best type of technology!


About Me

Lindsay and I on our honeymoon

My name is Ed Ingman and I am a 29 year old Dean of Academics at The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University in Columbus, Ohio.  I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2003 and in 2008 married Lindsay, my college crush.  See a picture of us below on our honeymoon.

This blog details my professional development.  I update semi-regularly, as I have inspiration and time, to capture the various things that I’m reading, learning, or talking with folks about.  If you are interested in educational technology topics, life in a charter school, or how we bring collaborative relationships to support our students and school’s mission, then this might just be a place for you to visit or subscribe to.  Happy reading!