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5 Tips For Assessing What Students Know – Articles – Educational Technology


Evaluating Teachers AND Administrators

Amen!  Accountability for some, accountability for all!!

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Blog: Parents Can Encourage ‘Soft Skills’ for College Readiness #parents

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Arundel High School junior Christian Hodges just doesn’t want to learn about world events, he wants to study it in real time.

via Student leaders want social media back in school – Schools.

I’m all in favor common sense rules that help students experience the bredth and creativity that is our world.  That being said, some restrictions should be recognized.  We work with the entire community to establish good rules regarding social media use and have found it to be helpful for the students.  There are ways that it can distract, but generally we’ve had successes in the past.

Common Core Big Idea 3: Standards Must Be Unpacked

Science Standards Require a Teacher-Learning Rethink

A fascinating article that I’ll need to be reading and thinking more deeply about.  As a former science teacher I have long recognized the benefits and deficits that I had as a teacher from my teacher training.  I think that I was prepared as well as if not better than some other education programs, but I’m biased towards Ohio Wesleyan University!  If OWU is the exception, though, what needs to be done to help better prepare science teachers as we move into new state standards and inch closer to federal standards in science teaching and learning.  I think that this will come down the tubes in the next 5 years, maybe fast if the CCSS are successfully implemented.

American Institutes for Research to Enable Chromebooks to Deliver Assessments for K–12 Statewide Online Testing

Common Core Big Idea Series #2: The Standards Are Not Curriculum

Common-Core Momentum Is Still in Jeopardy

If Johnny or Susie Cannot Read or Write … Neither Will Graduate from High School

Highlights the connections between the high school graduation rates put out last week by the US Department of Education with reading and math proficiency.  Ohio is doing well, relatively speaking, with 47.1% of its students reading proficiently, but this seems very low.