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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Educators

What’s the Difference Between “Doing Projects” and “Project Based Learning”?

Good to remember the differences here.

IBM center result of special team

This is a great example as to how like-minded, creative people can come together to impact change in their community.  All of Columbus will benefit because of this group.  Thanks guys!!

College Board president tests well on income | The Columbus Dispatch.

This should be the first and most important indicator that our obsession with testing has gone too far.

Editorial: Short takes

Wednesday, July 13, 2011  06:42 AM

The Columbus Dispatch

SINCE 2000, The Graham School and its successors have been proving what can go right with charter schools: When dedicated educational innovators are given the freedom to shape a school around a consistent concept, a receptive student body will find success.

In Graham’s case, the concept is experiential learning – applying classroom concepts to projects and activities in the real world. From ninth grade on, Graham students leave the school building two days per week to serve internships at public agencies, hospitals, schools, local businesses and elsewhere.

The Graham founders expanded in 2007 with The Charles School, which is partnered with Ohio Dominican University and focused on helping students, especially those who would be first-generation college students, earn early college credit.

A middle school opened last fall; now, congratulations are in order, as the the organization announces that an elementary will open in fall 2012. Offering a consistent K-12 program is rare among small, independent charter schools; it’s a sign of the Graham program’s success and stability.

But then, so is the fact that the original school and The Charles School have earned a B and an A, respectively, on the latest state report cards.

Ohio would benefit from more charter-school operators such as this.

Why Google+ Is an Education Game Changer – Education – GOOD.

I normally think that we overuse the term ‘game changer’ but having a Google+ account myself, I see the potential that Ms. Dwyer is talking about.  Google+ doesn’t completely eliminate inadvertent sharing of drunken party pictures with students, but it seriously makes it much more challenging.  I guess if you’re posting the pictures and sharing them while intoxicated, anything can happen.  At any rate, G+ could become a place where teachers and students share information about projects that the class is working on, collaboratively digest articles that are found on-line, and post videos to one another.  The idea of the hangout study group/office hours is also fascinating.  It’ll be something that I’ll be interested to see/read more about in the future.  -Ed



This is a super cool (and simple) idea for alternative means of assessment.  The video music isn’t much to write home about, but the ideas presented (and the layout) is amazing!

Can Better Designed Classroom Furniture Help Students Who Can’t Sit Still? – Education – GOOD.



Unrelated to anything… I just like dogs and science.  -Ed

Fluid Dynamics: See Spot Shaking His Coat Dry | Magazine.