Yesterday I was jogging around Clintonville. It was a gorgeous day and my legs needed a good stretch. As I booked it around my planned 3+ mile path, I came to a number of intersections and this situation happened to me more than once: I would approach an intersection and see a car either coming or going. Each time I had a decision to make. Do I go or wait? When thinking about whether to come or go, I knew that there were implications. If I went, I would usually get further ahead, wouldn’t lose my pace (too much), but I would risk being hit by a car (kind of risky). If I waited, I wouldn’t get hit, but I would lose my pace and therefore some time and momentum.

So I am going somewhere with this story. Our enrollment is plugging along right now. We’ve really picked up a fast stride over the last 3 weeks but now we’re coming to this spot of where we have to make a ‘wait list’ decision. Do we wait or do we forge ahead? The x factor to this decision is attrition. It’s always a unique problem and there is a certain amount of postulation that goes into that decision. Clearly we want to provide every student a great educational opportunity, however, we have to have smallish class sizes in order to be successful.

The moral of the story, there is never a dull moment in the life of an administrator.