1. Presenting with a colleague on why we should consider the words of Scott Belsky in his book, Making Ideas Matter and investing in his project management program to help us stay on task, organized, and productive.
2. Thinking about project-based learning in the physics classroom.
3. Reading ‘Balanced Leadership:What 30 years of research tells us about the effect of leadership on student achievement’ (what a sub-title!). Part of my work to pursue my administrator’s licensure.
4. We’ve scheduled 52% of the students and the other 48% are just 1 course away from being completed (students need to choose a course but they don’t do that for another week and a half). This time last year, 19% of students were scheduled.
5. Going to review the Common Core standards in English. It’s a barn-burner, let me tell ya!
6. Working on house projects this weekend with my in-laws and wife. Can’t wait to knock a few more items off of my to do list. I can’t go wrong with Ken’s help (the man’s a Mr. Fix-it!!)