2011 National Charter Schools Conference.

Today the National Charter School Conference, sponsored by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.  Keynoters for the conference include former President Bill Clinton, Mayor Cory Booker, US Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Children’s Defense Fund president and founder Marian Wright Edelman, and Eva Moskowitz, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Success Charter Network.  Wish I was there.  Conferences are a great way to network, collaborate, inspire, and share with one another. 

It’s worth noting, by the way, that conferences have really got to be on their way out, especially for public employees.  They are very expensive and often show no real change or work for a district.  I’m of the opinion, despite the fact that I go to a couple each and every year, that true professional development occurs when it is meaningful, in-house, and keeps the resources (namely money) close to the students.  At any rate, hope it’s a huge success!