Charter Schools: Let’s Find out What they Do.

This post is in relationship to a previous post entitled, “Reflection on National Charter Movement.”

I am just kicking this further out, but felt like this quote really captured the article well,

The powerful teachers unions, in small districts and large, have so demonized charters for so long, have so hamstrung local reporters and their Chamber of Commerce publishers, that most people – and most education journalists  – still think of the appearance of charter schools on the scene as the education version of the invasion of the body-snatchers.

Ok, so maybe the body-snatchers comment is a little over the top, but I liked it none-the-less.  I have gotten this look sometimes in the past when I tell people that I work for a public charter.  This was mostly when I began 8 years ago, but still now and again we are blamed for all of the public school ills (all of them!).  Anyways, a little light-hearted fun.  Enjoy the article!  -Ed

You work for a charter?!?