Members of the education committee last night sought clarification about amendments to the bill that would allow school districts in which students attend class beyond the state’s minimum daily requirements to use that extra time to make up for days off.

Under state law, students in first through sixth grades must attend school at least five hours a day while older students must have 5.5 hours of instructional time.

The provision under consideration would let districts “bank” the additional class time. For instance, an elementary school where students attend class for six hours each day could accumulate an hour each day to be used, if necessary, to make up for days off. -by Catherine Candisky of The Columbus Dispatch.  February 17, 2011.  ‘GOP begins to expel school plans’.

I thought that it was kind of a bizarre move to make in a state that experiences some pretty sever winters.  I understand the intent, by why not just lengthen the school year (not necessarily something I am proposing, mind you) instead of reducing calamity days.  At any rate, we’ll see what they do now.  -Ed