This presentation was developed by a small team and given at the summer professional development conference hosted by the Middle College National Consortium (MCNC).  MCNC is a consortium of high schools that provide students with earlier access to college courses in order to better prepare and support them for collegiate success.  There are over thirty members of the consortium nationwide and what a wonderful group of collaborators and professionals!

See this post by on the CELLT website by Thom McCain for more information.  Thom and I, amongst quite a few others, have been working on digitizing lessons that help support students for a career in the 21st century.  Our work has been presented to many folks around central Ohio and in NY with the MCNC conference.  We have been very pleased with the feedback and interest in this curriculum.  We use it as the primary curriculum for our advisory classes at our school, The Charles School at Ohio Dominican University.  Our 9th and 10th graders have been taught this curriculum for the last three years of the school and we have been very pleased with the response.  Our students are writing and reading better, they are better at collaborative work and presenting their work, and they are developing their professional digital footprint.

The presentation at the MCNC conference was given to a packed house of educators and administrators from MCNC schools around the nation.  Our participants developed at least the front page of an ePortfolio that we created with them in a 2 hour session.  The objectives of the session was to give these committed educators a chance to learn about ePortfolios and to get a sense as to how our students develop theirs.  Technically, this session was challenging, but I really think that it gave our participants a chance to see all of the great work our team has been able to do over a short period of time.

To get a sense about these ePortfolios, please feel free to check out mine.

The challenge that I think that doing ePortfolios puts to us, as educators, is asking students to create meaningful online content that shows their growth over time and causes them to deeply reflect about their academic decisions.  The focus is on the student and their work, right where it should be!

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