I had the great opportunity to meet with some amazing folks at the Ohio Department of Education Office of Community Schools today.  We discussed the work that CELLT has been doing the last year and a half in the way of a progress report.  During that time we have written 72 lessons (useable both on the web and in print version), developed and disseminated an electronic portfolio to capture student and staff learning, trained ~20 central Ohio educators, and are working with various state and national agencies to take the word further.  


Very great conversation about the work we have been doing with lessons around the 21st Century Skills.  


I hope to share my ePortfolio with this blog as soon as I have a completed draft.  Great stuff going on!!  Very cool to be a part of something so innovative and interesting!  Plus, I had great lemon grass chicken at the Saigon Palace on Front Street in downtown Columbus, OH.  Bad breath, but yummy food.  🙂